Have you detected an abnormal growth on your dog’s body? Concerned (as you should) that it might be cancerous?

Here’s How You Can Melt Away Dog Lumps and Tumors, Naturally and Inexpensively!*

*results may vary

If your beloved dog has any kind of lump or tumor anywhere on its body… or if your dog has already been diagnosed with cancer… then I STRONGLY urge you to read this short letter in full to find out how you can eliminate any and all abnormal growth on your dog’s body, and significantly boost your dog’s chances of surviving any type of cancer.

boxed check mark red.pngRECOMMENDED by thousands of TOP BREEDERS and Veterinarians

boxed check mark red.pngContains only the finest natural, human grade ingredients

boxed check mark red.pngMade in FDA-Approved Pharmaceutical Laboratory using GMP standards and the latest advances in medical and nutritional science. The same strict manufacturing standards as human supplements.

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You don’t have to stand helpless and powerless as your unfortunate pet howl in pain and discomfort due to tumors or lumps. With the help of this REVOLUTIONARY dog health supplement, you can take effective and inexpensive action today to eliminate suspicious lumps and tumors on your dog’s body.

Dear Concerned and Caring Dog Lover,

Dog cancer is a nasty and treacherous disease. It will creep into your dog stealthily, often only to be diagnosed when it has already metastasized or spread other parts of your dog’s body, and your dog is already exhibiting the alarming symptoms, such as:

Vomiting, diarrhea, presence of blood in the urine or stool; non-healing sores, lumps or masses on or under the skin, swollen mammary gland or lameness or stiffness, changes in appetite, loss of weight, coughing or breathing difficulty...

At this point, your dog could not have long to live...

... Even with aggressive (and unfortunately very expensive) medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery

And not long after, your vet will call on you to ask you to make the hard decision: whether to put down your beloved dog to spare your poor pet from too much suffering; or bring your furry best friend home and do the best you can to make the last moments of his or her life as comfortable and as less painful as possible while waiting for the inevitable.

As your close companion for many years and as a part of your family, NONE of these options is acceptable to you.

The Dog Cancer Red Flags that You Should Be Wary of:
Does Any of These Apply to Your Dog?

That’s why...

If you have detected suspicious lump or tumor anywhere in your dog’s body (although not necessarily cancerous, some can be very dangerous if left untreated and are the early signs of cancer)

Or your dog is unfortunately among those that are at risk of getting cancer

  • Purebred

  • Over 10 years old

  • Not neutered or spayed

  • and Exposed to harmful chemicals in the environment such as second-hand smoke, phenoxy herbicides and pesticides

Or your poor dog is already diagnosed with cancer, and already suffering from tremendous pain?

Then this amazing product is just what you need.

to help Eliminate your dog’s Lumps and Tumors,

This product has helped eliminate lumps and tumors and significantly boost your pet’s chances of fending or fighting off cancer.

In fact, this is one of the rare pet products that is actually manufactured in an FDA pharmaceutical lab by one of the oldest and most respected companies in the pet industry.

And THOUSANDS of America's Top Breeders, Groomers and Veterinarians have been SECRETLY using to fight against Dog Cancer and Tumors quickly, safely and naturally.

In a moment, I’ll show you exactly how you can get your hands on this amazing product. But first I’d like to share with you my own experience with tumors and lumps and why you not solely rely on conventional medical treatment.

“I’ve Come Face to Face with the Threat of Dog Cancer”

Hi, my name is John Landon. As a pet lover and dog owner myself, I’ve had my own close call with losing one of my beloved dogs to cancer.

My poor pet was suffering from some lumps and tumors, and he had already endured countless vet visits and a bunch of medications, which cost me thousands of dollars.

And the worst part was my dog’s symptoms kept coming back, and her condition only got worse.

Conventional treatment simply wasn’t working.

Thankfully, my vet introduced me to this amazing nutritional supplement that turned out to be a real life saver.

It’s a simple, natural wafer that I give to my dog daily. 

And to cut the story short, after a reasonable time, my dog’s tumors were gone. And my beloved dog is now as healthy as ever.

I know other pet owners are not as lucky as I am. In fact, an estimated 1 in 4 dogs will develop dog cancer in their lifetime. And a third of them eventually dies of cancer.

This Amazing Nutritional Supplement Could Spare You from Costly
Dog Cancer or Tumor Treatment

And although dog cancer is treatable in majority of the cases, especially if it’s detected early on, the cost of treatment, including medication like anti-biotics, and steroids and NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) can easily reach $5,000, $15,000, and even $20,000 or more, considering that each type of cancer is unique and requires a specialized treatment.

Diagnostic testing alone can cost from $200 to $5,000 – that is even BEFORE any kind of treatment is commenced.

I know of many pet owners who, out of deep love and affection for their long time loyal companions, shelled thousands of dollars to pay for expensive dog cancer or tumor treatment, even if it means going in debt and paying for it for many years.... And even if such intervention only buys a few days, weeks or months of time for your poor dog.

I’m sure YOU too would willingly do the same, and I would say it’s the right thing to do for a precious family member.

That’s why I’m so thankful to my vet for introducing me to this revolutionary dog health supplement. It proved to be...

A Much Less Expensive Way to help Fight Dog Cancer and
Eliminate Lumps and Tumors on Your Dog’s Body

Actually, this is the pet food industry’s Best-Kept Secret for nipping dog cancer or tumor at the source and helping keep it at bay.

It is not a temporary fix that merely treats the symptoms. Instead, it acts DIRECTLY on the malignant growth right at the cellular level. It cuts-off the blood supply to the growth and eventually starves off the nasty disease completely. And it also provides the ALL IMPORTANT nutritional support as cancer treatments often cause nausea and loss of appetite for your dog.

It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen in the Market

Being in the pet food industry, believe me when I say it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in the market. I know of no other pet food product out there that comes close to this in terms of helping eliminate tumors and even being able to help your dog successfully fight off cancer.

boxed check mark red.pngIt’s painstakingly developed and perfected by three veterinarians, a nutritional scientist, and a pharmacist over a period of Eight Years. Fed up with sub-standard nutrition and nutritional supplements in the pet industry, they spared nothing to develop this holistic natural supplement that would address the underlying cause of dog cancer or tumor and not just treat the symptoms.

boxed check mark red.pngIt is used and recommended by thousands of top Veterinarians and Breeders all around the country and abroad. In fact, it’s been the winner of the Dog Fancy Magazine's Best Pet Supplement. Voted by the readers of the world's most widely read dog magazine, with over 250,000 monthly subscribers, including thousands of top breeders.

boxed check mark red.pngAnd although this is no magic pill, in many cases it has helped pet’s completely eradicate their tumors and lumps. It will really help you to skip all the hassle of painstakingly monitoring your dog’s diet, changing medication, and going to your vet’s clinic again and again.

Just Take for Example these Extraordinary Testimonies of Healing as Told by Two Very Grateful Users of This Amazing Product

From Laura Lawson of Michigan”

"I received a call from [my vet] not long after I dropped Toby [my pet dog] off saying that my dog had a huge mass. She said she had never seen one of that size in comparison to his size. She did exploratory surgery and found the mass to be attached to his kidney and aorta and basically said there was nothing she could do for him. I was told he may live for two weeks and that was pushing it. I brought him home expecting the worse…

"I ordered a bottle and started giving it to him and my other Chihuahua. Not only is Toby still around today (9 months later), but he looks the best he has ever looked…

"I went back to the vet to get his nails trimmed and she did an x-ray because she could not believe Toby was still around. The mass has actually shrunk to half the original size. He is now called the "Miracle Dog" at the vet’s office.

"Thank you [to the makers of this amazing dog health supplement], I feel like you have given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for!!"


From Donna Sullivan
New Hampshire

“…We spent over $1,300 on vet bills to discover it would cost from $3000 to $5,000 for an operation that would not guarantee the removal of a tumor on his (Jimmy D) Pituitary Gland…

I came across this amazing product. I was very impressed with the testimonials on the site. I was also impressed with the amount of information on the tablet. There was a lot to read and all was helpful. With all that was offered, I felt we had nothing to lose… 

We started Jimmy D on this special dog supplement, twice a day, in Feb 2010. The tumor was almost the size of my thumb nail and bothering Jimmy a lot. After about two weeks Jimmy seemed to be more alert and more energetic. From day one Jimmy ate the tablet with pleasure. It is his special treat. He looks forward to his treat morning and night. No fooling around with his treat he LOVES them. After about a month he seems to have lost some weight and had a spring in his step. He seemed to get some puppy back in him. He was healthier all around. 

I also noticed the tumor was not growing and seemed to be getting smaller. A black tip formed at the end of the tumor. Two weeks later it was noticeably smaller. It was SHRINKING! The tumor was the size of my index finger nail and getting smaller week by week. This was a Miracle to us. By the time two months have passed Jimmy's Tumor is nearly disappeared. Jimmy has never been better. We are so pleased with the result we recommend this to anyone with a dog, with or without issues. Jimmy had gone back in age not forward. 

We are so grateful to this special product and will keep giving him this tablet as a multi vitamin to keep him happy and healthy… We are so confident and believe this special product to help in many ways we have started our other Pug, Roxy, of 9 years on one tablet a day…

Thank you to the makers of this amazing product, we don't know what we would have done if we didn't find your web site.”

* results may vary



As you can clearly see in the amazing real-life examples above, using this revolutionary dog health supplement is the easiest and most cost-effective way to eradicate your dog's tumor’s and lumps.

But you may be wondering how this product does its powerful job of melting away your dog’s tumors and lumps?

This Wonder Product Addresses the
Root Cause of Dog illness, Tumors
and So Much More!

This amazing product is developed based on the premise of addressing the problem of dog cancer and tumors at its very core.

Just like in humans, the exact cause of various forms of dog cancer is not yet clearly established.

Although some culprits have been identified, such as inbreeding, unhealthy diet, environmental contaminants, and viruses, a weakened immune system is clearly the first step that leads to tumor growth and cancer break out.

No wonder why dog cancer occurs mostly among older dogs, 10 years and above (because older dogs generally have a weaker immune system) and among purebreds (as inbreeding generally speaking transmits the good qualities of a breed as well as hereditary diseases).

That’s why this wonder dog health supplement is primarily designed to boost your dog’s immune system and keep it in a healthy balance.

By doing so, your dog is better able to fight the damage of free radicals that attack its cells daily, and that eventually lead to growth of cancerous tumors.

This also means your dog becomes MORE RESISTANT to dozens of additional ailments, from joint problems to life-threatening diseases such as allergies, diabetes, and even heart disease.

Bottom line: with this special product, you can have a healthier, happier and tumor and cancer-free dog in the long run.

*results may vary

How Exactly This Special Product
is Able to Deliver Such a Powerful
Holistic Health Benefit?

Now what makes this special product AMAZINGLY effective and YEARS AHEAD of other of pet food supplements?

Well, it produced following an exceptionally high manufacturing standard that is virtually unheard of in the pet’s food industry. And these are as follows:

Formulated to Perfection. It contains an OPTIMAL mix of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, anti-oxidants and special biomedical ingredients for maximum effectiveness in preventing and treating dog health problems at their source. For example, the precisely balanced proportion of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium is considered to be one of the cornerstones of its astonishing healing properties.

boxed check mark red.pngNatural human-grade ingredients are used. Each ingredient is microscopically tested to make sure it’s 100% safe and free of harmful contaminants. Being natural, this supplement will not interfere with any drugs your dog may be taking. Even if your dog accidentally eats too much or has a sensitive stomach, it will NOT trigger any adverse side effect.

boxed check mark red.pngAll ingredients used are water-soluble for easy digestion and fast action. By making the ingredients water-soluble, all the nutrients and crucial enzymes are rapidly absorbed by your dog's metabolism thereby giving your dog the full benefit of each ingredient. It’s no surprise that you can expect to see great results as quickly as in just a few days or weeks.

boxed check mark red.pngProcessed without Heat Treatment. This singular supplement is NEVER heat treated during any of the processing stages. By eliminating heat from the manufacturing process, the natural healing properties of the vitamins, enzymes and omega fatty acids are PRESERVED. For example, to maintain chicken liver's full potency, real chicken liver is used and 'paddle dried' by following a patented process.

boxed check mark red.pngMade in a FDA-Approved Human Pharmaceutical Lab. This is one of the few pet products actually formulated in accordance with the strict guidelines of human pharmaceuticals. Every ingredient is quarantined and microscopically tested before it is processed. By manufacturing this way, your dog is protected from toxins seeping into the dog food and supplement supply.

Listen to What Deeply Grateful
Pet Owners, Breeders and
Veterinarians Have to Say

As you can clearly see, this amazing dog health supplement works, and works real fast. But you don’t have to take our words for it. Listen to what a few more grateful customers have to say:


Results may vary. Testimonials and examples are exceptional results and do no guarantee that everyone will achieve similar results.

"They took an x-ray of the ear, they could not remove it because it was a big tumor, and there was nothing they could do. Eventually it would grow bigger and affect her balance and possibly her brain.

"I was desperate to make her better… After a couple weeks on this special product, I started seeing black like gunk in her ear. I cleaned it out again and again every week for about 10 months. Eventually the gunk stopped. 

"Last week I took her back to the vet for her yearly check-up. The doctor looked in her ears and said "all good" I said what about her tumor? Don't you remember the x-rays? He said, her ears are fine and what did you do?...

"Thanks so much for [this amazing dog health supplement]. It is such an unbelievable product."

Debra Sheridan

"Sandy, our 3 year old Goldendoodle started to get a mysterious lump on her nose about a year ago. I took her to the vet who was clueless as to what the bump could be... We tried antibiotics, anti-inflammatories (2 kinds), but nothing worked. One lump was the size of a quarter on her side. The lump on her nose grew back, and was the size of a nickel and around 1/2" high.

"Two weeks ago I Googled "dog tumors" and [this special product] popped up. After reading the glowing reviews I ordered it, thinking that ANYTHING is better than a $2500 vet bill. We gave the supplements to Sandy now for a week exactly, (2 tablets a day) and I am here to tell you that the lumps are all GONE! After a WEEK!! I would have NEVER believed this! Thank you so much NUVET! Now, do y'all make this in human formula?"

Harriet Duranthon


"Within three weeks she was like a puppy again! She is her old self again and I cannot be more thankful. And the lumps are shrinking. It has changed her and my life. 

"Thank you so much for giving me more time with my dog. I gladly tell everyone I know about your product. Again thank you."

Chris Williamson

"…The vet said because of her age and that they would just come back there was nothing he could do. I want "Poco's” last years to be as enjoyable as possible. I found your product online and thought I had nothing to lose and would try anything to help our poor "Poco”!

"After 1 week the tumors had reduced in size and I am happy to say that after 90 days the football size one on her left side is almost gone and she can now for the first time in 4 years sleep on her left side. Amazing!" 

Greg Schaafsma

* results may vary

How Much Are You Willing To Pay to
Save the Life of Your Dear Pet from Cancer
and Make Life Comfortable and Pain-Free for
You and Your Furry Friend?

Now let me ask you a question: how much would you be WILLING to pay to protect your dog from a life-threatening tumors and lumps, and spare him or her from its unpleasant symptoms? How far would you go to restore the good health of your woolly friend and prolong his or her life?

Can you really put a PRICE TAG on doing everything you can to make your adorable pet happy and healthy and pain-free?

If you’re a good and loyal friend as I think you are, you’d willingly do whatever it takes to solve your dog’s cancer problem. After all, your dog is part of the family, and he or she has given you and your family tremendous joy and companionship through the years.

If your pet dog is already battling cancer, you’ve most probably already spent thousands of dollars on conventional cancer treatment. And you’ll continue to do so for the rest of the life of your beloved pet.

But with this amazing product, you’re NOT going to spend anywhere that amount. In fact, you can STRENGTHEN and BALANCE your dog’s immune system and help keep him or her for as little as 62 cents a day.

Well, nowadays, you can’t even buy a delicious candy bar for this paltry amount. And if you have a real small dog weighing less than 5 lbs, you’ll even cut that already ridiculously small amount by half.

The only problem is...

You Can’t Buy This Special
Supplement in Retail Stores
or Anywhere Else Offline

Because of this company’s strict quality control, this supplement is NOT available in stores or directly to the general public. You can ONLY purchase when you get a recommendation from an industry insider (Veterinarian, Breeder and Groomer).

The reason for this is that they want to avoid wastages in terms of expired products due to over stocking. Thus, they only process and ship the exact amount of food supplement required by their privileged buyers.

But in consideration of caring pet owners like YOU, who have taken the time to educate themselves about proper pet nutrition, the manufacturer is providing a special accommodation to enable you to acquire this revolutionary product through us at a price you can very well afford.

As you’ve most likely experienced already, you could spend thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars on expensive medical treatments and still not prolong the life of your precious pet. But with this revolutionary dog health supplement, you can help your dog (and cat, as well) get out of cancer or eliminate tumors and live a healthy, happy and cancer- or tumor-free life for just $55.50 or just 62 cents a day for the next 90 days (this for dogs and cats weighing 5 lbs to 110 lbs)

Even better, if you avail of Auto Ship Discount, you can get the bottle of 90 servings for only $47.15 or just 53 cents a day – that’s a full 15% savings off the regular price.

So press on the Add to Cart button below to send for your first bottle of this amazing dog health supplement.


For a limited-time only, you can order this revolutionary dog health supplement direct from the manufacturer Online and help your dog (and cat, as well) live a healthy, happy and cataract-free life forjust $55.50 or just 62 cents a day for the next 90 days (this for  dogs and cats weighing 5 lbs to 110 lbs)

Even better, if you avail of Auto Ship Discount, you can get the bottle of 90 servings for only $47.15 or just 53 cents a day – that’s a full 15% savings off the regular price.

So press on the Add to Cart button below to send for your first bottle of this amazing dog health supplement.

You Have Everything to Gain and
Absolutely Nothing to Lose
by Trying this Product Today

And don’t worry — you really have nothing to lose by trying this amazing product today. It’s safe for your dog (and cat as well), and effective for eliminating practically all kinds of lumps and tumors. What’s more, your money is PROTECTED under the manufacturer’s Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Here’s The Manufacturer’s No Questions Asked, Iron-Clad Guarantee.

“Order today and use this product for two months. If, after using the product, you feel that it’s not helped your dog a bit, just drop us a line before the 60-day trial period is over, and we will send you a return authorization code. Then simply send back the unused portion (or just the empty bottle if already fully consumed) to receive a full refund of your purchase price less shipping and handling.

Could anything be faired than this?

So what are you waiting for...?

Don’t Let Your Furry Friend Suffer Another Day...
Order Now and Begin Your Dog’s Journey Towards Full Recovery and a Health, Happy Normal Life!

As you’ve clearly seen in this short letter, this special product works wonders in eliminating your dog’s tumors and lumps in giving him or her a healthier and happier long-life.

boxed check mark red.pngIt addresses the underlying cause of your dog's cancer and tumor problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

boxed check mark red.pngIt strengthens your dog's entire immune system and thereby bolstering your dog’s resistance to dozens of additional ailments and diseases and prolong its life.

boxed check mark red.pngIt’s made of natural, human-grade ingredients that are full of healing properties and safe and easy on your pet's stomach.

boxed check mark red.pngIt delivers great results FAST (as quickly as within one or two weeks; but for best results give it at least 8 weeks) because the ingredients are water-soluble and are easily digested and absorbed.

boxed check mark red.pngEasy to give to your pet as it comes in the form of a wafer that you can conveniently give to your dog like a treat, or as a powder with extra chicken liver for finicky dogs.

boxed check mark red.pngIt will enable you to extend and improve the quality of life of your furry best friend, giving you and your cherished pet dog many, many more years of happy companionship.

boxed check mark red.pngAnd best of all, it costs as low as 53 cents a day by purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

Order Today and start seeing your dog happy, healthy and cancer- and tumor-free once and for all.

To your furry friend’s great health,

John Landon


P.S. Remember, this product is not available in retail stores. It is only available through specially authorized agents like us. So Order Now while this opportunity is fresh in your mind. It may never come your way again.

P.P.S. This revolutionary product addresses the root cause of your dog’s cancer or tumor problem. It’s SAFE and EFFECTIVE for cats as well. Send for your trial package today and start your pet dog’s (or cat’s) journey to a healthier life.

P.P.P.S. Your investment is completely safe with the manufacturer’s 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Even if your dog has already consumed all the wafers before the 60-day trial period over, you can still receive a refund by simply returning the empty bottle within the 60-day trial period. (less shipping and handling).Just call or email us to get your return authorization code. Act now!

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Finally, Here’s the Amazing Dog Health Supplement that’s Specially Designed to Strengthen and Balance Your Pet’s Immune System and Eliminate and Prevent any Dog Allergies:

NuVet Plus


  • Works fast

  • Natural

  • Patented process

  • Easy on the Stomach

  • Guaranteed 100% safe

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Used by hundreds of thousands of Dogs

Standard maintenance dosage for healthy pets:

Weight Dosage
Up to 5 lbs. 1/2 wafer (or tsps. of powder) per day
5-100 lbs. 1 wafer (or tsps. of powder) per day
Over 100 lbs. 2 wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day

Initial dosage for pets experiencing health conditions:

*** Dosages listed should be followed temporarily until improvement is apparent.  For additional information please see below chart. ***

Weight Dosage
Up to 10 lbs. 1-1.5* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day
11-30 lbs. 1.5-2* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day
31-70 lbs. 2-3* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day
Over 70 lbs. 3-4* wafers (or tsps. of powder) per day

*Please follow the dosage within the listed range that is most applicable to your pet’s weight and the severity of his or her specific ailment.

The above listed temporary dosages are higher than the standard maintenance dosages listed on the bottle. The increased dosage should be followed for at least 60 days or until significant improvement is apparent, after which the standard dosages should be sufficient for ongoing maintenance of optimal health.

The time frame necessary to see improvement can vary; many factors can affect the healing process (e.g., genetics, environment, diet, age, severity of the condition). In most cases some improvement can be seen within the first 60 days as the increased dosage should provide an additional boost to your pet’s immune system.

Lastly, your purchase is protected with our 60-day money-back guarantee!

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One of our operators will be happy to assist you.

Open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

Click Here to Order Online   

*Furthermore, I understand that my investment is completely RISK-FREE under your 100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If I’m not completely happy with this product — for any reason at all — all I have to do is call or send you an email before the 60-day trial period is up, and I will receive a return authorization code which I will use for shipping back the bottle (empty or with the unused portion) for a prompt and courteous full refund (less shipping and handling). No questions asked.

Give me INSTANT ACCESS to this amazing dog health supplement now!

*Results may vary. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.